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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

My first blog!

Right then. After being ‘forced’ by my Business Advisor (thanks Jess), I have now started a blog. No actually, I think I might enjoy it even. Just don’t know anything about blogging, as I’ve never done anything like this before (which is strange – as I’m a huge computer-nerd).

OK, so what does one do on a blog? Mmmm, suppose I can tell you about my day? It’s not been very exciting, really. Apart from passing my Hygiene Inspection today, which I’m very happy about, nothing special happened. I wanted to take it easy after all the preparation I’ve done for the inspection. So, perhaps I should tell you about that first?

As I said, nothing very exciting….. She arrived at 9:30, and left before 10, as everything seemed to be in order. She checked a few things and asked a few questions, also mentioning that I only have one sink (which I thought might be an immediate fail). But as soon as I explained how I would overcome doing the hand-washing and dish-washing at the same time (as you need a separate sink for each), she was quite happy. I suspect the fact that everything was pristine and looked it as soon as you walked in the door, must’ve shown that nothing would be out of place – so no reason to check any deeper.

I was told so many horror stories before this morning, e.g. that she would be coming in wearing white gloves and drag a finger over every surface to check that there’s no dust (including high up on top of the cupboards – which were scrubbed clean anyway). I was told by others that I HAD to have stainless steel surfaces and wasn’t allowed to have a washing machine in my kitchen – where else do they think I would keep it? But no, nothing like that at all. Only some precautions, such as not to do the washing whilst baking cakes – which I never do anyway. And as long as the worktops are non-porous, it would be fine. Well, we’ve replaced the kitchen a few months ago, so everything is still looking perfect. Also, I have a huge wine-rack (with over 100 bottles of wine) in the dining room, which I use as my base for decorating the cakes. I was told that there’s a big possibility that she would ask me to move it out of the room. But thank goodness, she didn’t even mention it. And when I asked, she said that it wasn’t a problem at all.

Phew!!! Everything I thought would fail me, turned out to be so insignificant, that I had to ask HER about it. Well, I can now relax for 3 years when I’ll have my next inspection…..

Thanks so much to my followers on Twitter (yes Jess, I'm now on Twitter as well) who put my mind at ease before the big day.... you were great ladies....

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