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Are you opening a new building, celebrating your business anniversary, launching a new product or hosting any other type of corporate event?
One of our cakes made to your specifications will create a centrepiece that can be photographed, ceremoniously cut, distributed to your guests and talked about long after the last crumb is enjoyed!
Designing for the individual - a vehicle, building, company logo....anything is possible. We will suggest a design or help you realise your own. If you appreciate quality, something different and a friendly, personal service, you are looking in the right place.
Because we now specialise mainly in corporate cakes, we can take the time to ensure that the cake projects exactly the image that is right for your business. Every cake is unique and extra special care is given to every last detail.
We come very highly recommended throughout Norfolk & Suffolk (UK).

Friday, 10 September 2010

I managed to get quite a few things done today, mostly to do with the business. I'm in the process of doing some marketing to get my name out there. One way of doing it, is to find companies who I think might be interested in my cakes, and write them an introduction letter. I want to find out who their event managers are and make appointments to go and see them all in person. Hopefully I could then convince them to use my company for any future cake needs.

Also, my son nagged us for quite a few days to take him to the Apple store, so he could go and play with the new iPod Touch 4G. So today, we relented and took him, where he spent an hour and a half playing with it, as well as the new iPhone and iPad. I had a little go as well, and I must say, I am quite impressed, and I want one....

Well, I'm off to finish my marketing letters, as I need to write a separate one for each company, as their needs will all be so different. Wish me luck.... will blog again soon... (I hope)

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